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Premises Liability

The legal concept that governs most cases where a tenant or their guest is injured on someone else's property

Life-Safety Issues

Situations that materially affect the health and safety of a tenant, such as sewage backups, pests, lack of hot water, etc.


Wrongful Death

Loss of life caused by the wrongful act, carelessness, unskillfulness, neglect, or default of a property owner

Standard of Care

Landlords owe a duty of care to tenants and their guests to maintain the premises in reasonably safe conditions


Curriculum Vitae

Scott T. Bennett, CPM

I assist clients with serious injuries that occur on income-producing properties, toxic mold in residential and properties, premises liability, life-safety issues, wrongful death, and standard of care in multi-family properties. My expertise mainly in property management is based on my many years of working with property managers, regional managers, lead maintenance staff, and vendors, as I navigated potential liabilities, life-safety issues, and business operations with the skill and knowledge requisite for the management of multiple and diverse properties. My professional consulting services provide pre-litigation investigation and opinions based on my knowledge and research along with my extensive background in the Property Management Industry along with having many credentials and awards in my industry. Download and review my complete Curriculum Vitae.


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